Early Head Start (0-3yr) Program Health Requirements:

Here you will find a link to a blank physical form that must be completed on all children and a list of our health requirements for the 2016-2017 program year.

List of Health Requirements:

Well Child Exam:

  • A well child exam is necessary to determine your child’s overall health and well-being. It will also aid you in ensuring your child is on-track with all of the events to keep him/her healthy.


Immunizations: Must be up-to-date for age

  • Immunizations are important because they keep your child safe from diseases and protect others you care about.


Dental Exam/ Dental Follow up: Recommend at 12months

  • Your child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) will affect his/her adult teeth. A dental exam will help assess if your child needs any treatment or special care.  Head Start also offers dental clinics during the school year (in limited areas).  If you would like your child to participate in the school dental clinic, please call your Family & Community Service Worker.


Hemoglobin: Must be done at 12months and 24months

  • A hemoglobin test will assess if your child’s blood has enough iron. Healthy iron levels help oxygen travel in the body. Low iron levels can make it hard for a child to focus in school.

Blood lead test: Must be done at 12months and 24months

  • A blood test is the only way to determine if a child has been exposed to lead. Exposure to lead may cause brain damage.


Child and Adult Care Food Program Form (CACFP) prior to the first day of class: For Center Base children ONLY

  • A CACFP form needs to be completed if your child has a food allergy.  This form must be completed by your child’s Provider in order for us to keep your child safe and prevent an allergic reaction.  Please notify your Family & Community Service Worker and they will give you the CACFP form.


Please call today and make your child’s appointment(s), remind your provider that your child attends Early Head Start.  Please ensure that these health needs are completed at the appropriate time.

For Northern Counties such as, Carroll, Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside-Please have all health requirements faxed to: 815-626-3762

For Southern Counties such as, Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Putnam, & Stark- Please have all health requirements faxed to: 815-224-2013

Thank you for your commitment to keeping your child healthy and we look forward to serving you and your child.

Healthy Tips!

Remember to use a damp cloth or infant "finger brush" to clean your infant's gums after each feeding.

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Pediatrician Examining Infant
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